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  • 9-1-15: New categories added to the Arizona Hillclimb Championships on Oct. 4th: In the 20 K distance: Men Fixed Gear, Women Fixed Gear, Men Para Cyclist – Hand Cyclist, and Women Para Cyclist – Hand Cyclist. In the 40 K distance: Men Merckx and Women Merckx.
  • 8-23-15: AZTT Series points updated.
  • 7-21-15: Three new juniors age 10-14 categories have been added to the Arizona Team Time Trial Championships on Sept. 20th: Juniors Boys, Juniors Girls, Juniors Mixed (minimum 1 Female) – time stops when the Female crosses finish line. These categories will follow the Juniors 15-18 teams.

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Getting the results out. LVDB, circa – late 70’s.

Anecdote: Alan Fischer: “Schlitz Light TW shirt, reminds me of the international women’s stage race in Tucson where KK Hall brought about 50 racers from Europe for a three-day event while not having any sponsorship. That was the end of TW (Tucson Wheelmen) for a while. But having meetings at the Schlitz office were nice because as youngsters (I was in high school, maybe 16 years old, when I was TW treasurer) we were able to avail ourselves of the beer tap. Yes, the good old days.”

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